»You Don’t Know Anything About Being Alive

You don’t know
anything about being alive
You work too long
You love too little
You move too fast
to see the world
around you
You sleep too little
You don’t drink
the good wine,
saving it for the
special day that
never comes

You ignore your kids,
possessed by the words
on a small screen
as you madly scroll
away their young lives
Here, but never here
You feel nothing because
you see nothing
Nothing touches
your heart because
it is closed for business

Held my granddaughter’s hand
walking by a mountain waterfall
I love you Papa, she whispered
My wife hugs me,
thank you for this perfect day
she says as she kisses me

I felt the moist summer air
The warmth of their love
The quiet roar of the waterfall
And I knew I was alive
I am not afraid of death
because I have truly lived
You only regret death
when you realize you
were never alive«

~ Thomas Plummer

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